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Basic Computer Security Recommendations


An average home internet computer should have-

    • One software firewall
    • One software antivirus program
    • At least two anti-spy ware programs
    • You should manually update your programs at least weekly. 
    • If you cannot update your programs on a regular schedule, set your operating system and security programs to automatically update.
  • If you are using a wireless home network-
    • Change your router default settings.
    • Use at least WEP encryption, WPA is better.
    • Consider turning SSID transmitting off.
  • If you have confidential information on your computer consider encrypting those files
  • For Windows
    • Set a User account for normal computer work.
    • Only use your Administrator account for performing administrator duties or if your account will not work properly with limited settings.
    • Consider only using Internet Explorer for web sites that you know and trust. Try a less popular browser for general web surfing that may place you in contact with bad web-sites.
  • Turn all unnecessary services off, and disable most unused service ports.
  • Use hard and semi hard passwords for security.

 Basic Security Settings

    This list is not inclusive, but what we consider the best protection for an average home computer.           Deep thought needs to be given into how secure your computer needs to be. If you access sensitive information, or have a high profile, you may need more security.

    Also, applying too much security could be overly restrictive and render your system frustrating, or        useless for your needs.

    New computer threats and exploits are being invented and created everyday which makes security  a constant concern. You need to be constantly aware of your systems protections and vulnerabilities.


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